Farewell Lennie...Thanks for the memories

Today is a sad day in television history. One of the best actors of all time died from the best television show ever: Law and Order. Below is a consoling email my friend Mark wrote that poignantly displays the love and depth of emotion felt for this great man.

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Dearest Blake,

In the immortal words of C.S. Lewis, "When pain is to borne, a little courage helps more than much knowledge, a little human sympathy more than much courage, and the least tincture of the love of God more than all."

I am deeply grieved to hear about the loss of the great Jerry Orbach who not only touched our lives, but redefined the way we look at Goodness, Dedication, and true Justice in America. Yes, our great detective Lennie Briscoe is gone. And yet, we feel him in each re-run.. He lives in each new episode...and we sense his gentle, sardonic, spirit in each fluttering piece of caution tape that seems to sweetly echo "Lennie...Lennie". He kept the Law and Order of our hearts for years never once demanding anything from us, but constantly giving and seeking out Justice for the wronged, and vengeance for those who turn their eyes away from the Law of man. In the spirit of Lennie Briscoe, I have compose a poem that will hopefully help you cope in these dark days...

I remember....
I remember you leaving the show, Lennie,
Less than a year ago
We ate cake all together ,Lennie,
saying we'd miss you so
The cake had letters of icing Lennie,
In colors of white and blue
We never knew as we ate the cake
that cancer was eating you too.
And so I say goodbye, Lennie,
You left us all in tears
So we'll go on with Law and Order
Thanks for all the years.

So my dear Blake, although this is a sudden and bitter farewell...let us rejoice in the hope we have in season DVD's. May peace be with you.



ann said...

Gee Blake, between this and Dave Barry retiring, you have had a rough week. Sorry for your loss, bud.

Peter Rice said...

Blake, as a fan and admirer of Lennie for these many(yet too-few) years, I ask you to pass along to Mark my sincerest appreciation for his poem. I was touched beyond my ability to express it and, yea, was even moved to tears. Yes, I remember... I do remember Lennie... And that was stinkin good cake too...
That's all I can bear to say at the present.