Why Jesus Didn't Date: The Super-Hero Conundrum

Note: The following is not in the least bit to be regarded as a theological exegesis on the life of Christ. It is merely a humorous idea that popped in my head while taking a shower. Ideas like this are probably what will get me kicked out of the OC Grad Bible program.

Many a times when discussing dating with friends, or perusing literature on the subject matter, the question arises, “Why don’t we have Biblical examples of Jesus dating? He’s supposed to have gone through everything we have but he sure missed the boat on this issue!” Certainly the omission of what was going on in his life between twelve and thirty does lead one to wonder that he might have hit the local galleria a time or two with a beautiful Jewish woman.

After watching many movies involving super-heroes, and namely Batman and Spider-Man come to mind, I think the answer is pretty clear. If you are going to be a super-hero, and let’s face it, Jesus is the apex of super-heros, then you have to make some sacrifices. The reason often given is the danger and potential life sacrifice involved in saving the world, and typically the hero knows that its not good to get emotionally attached for fear of either than person being held hostage in each subsequent sequel or for fear of not being able to make the necessary sacrifices for mankind when its time to save the world.

We can easily see how Jesus, who had prophecy after prophecy predicting his demise for the salvation of the world, could see this as a slight relationship hazard. How could you start a family knowing that at the ripe age of thirty-three you would be ridiculed and eventually hung up on a cross? That would not be easy to explain to his three year old.

Now thankfully what Jesus did give us was a perfect example of how we should interact with others. Granted there are a few family interaction techniques I would probably avoid amongst the Blackwell clan. Not to say that I haven’t tried the line a few times on my family, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” The pursuant Christmas wasn’t quite as white as the previous.

No, Jesus actually does teach us in his interactions with all of mankind how to deal lovingly with people, and that includes those we date. And I’m a bit thankful that there aren’t explicit rules from him that go something like, “Thou shalt only give a hug on the first date.” Not that I would be worried about eternal condemnation if that were a rule.


Putting Things in Perspective

I think we as human beings like being melodramatic. At each new point in our life we like to throw up our hands and say, "Good gracious -- life is stinking hard!" I mean, I've only really probably gone through a few stages thus far but I remember thinking in the prime of my teenage years that no one understood just how difficult it was to be a teenager in the 90's. We had it rough: no war, the Internet was being created by Al Gore, and Bill Clinton was leading us to unfathomable economic prosperity of untold measure. What is a hormonally driven teenager to do?

Now I'm twenty-five and I've finally transitioned out of college and into the working world. Life is filled with new complications as the hormones have slightly dampered and I now have more concern about my future: where will I live, who will I marry, must I become a monk at 35? All valid and reasonable concerns.

But then I went to Tealridge today, the assisted living home near Oklahoma Christian, for a mid-afternoon worship service and I realized that I was just another player in God's great game known as our physical life. Each stage of our life is filled with new challenges, and its our responsibility to handle them with joy, wonder and amazement.

I mean, seriously, one day I'll have to deal with a child who will be the first human being who has ever successfully messed with my sleep cycle. Those will be trying days for sure! And, shortly after that I'll be scheduled for my mid-life crisis in which I'll have to go buy a Honda Accord 2026 to make me feel better about myself. What fun times I have to look forward to!

My point is this: appreciate the stage you are at and live it to the fullest. God is rather ingenious with us on this point, because if we live out each time frame in our life with faith we will continually mature and grow. I did not arrive at 16 when I could finally drive, and nor have I arrived at 25 now that I have a good job and Mr. Honda.

There is a reason for each stage and that is for God to work on you. Even admist being single and perhaps facing uncertainty and loneliness, God is using that time to develop dependency on Him and perhaps even weaken dependency on others.

No, I have not arrived. I won't arrive till I hit my final destination. What a journey its going to be though!