Don't know? Don't shrug!

I threw my shoulder out of socket. Again. This time it was the shower. Last time I was sleeping soundly in bed, only to have the rudest awakening of my life. There never really is a good time to throw one's shoulder out although if you're going to do it, then it's best to be near an ER room with good anisthesia drugs.

The interesting thing about throwing out your shoulder is that, for a brief period of time at least, you find out what its like to miss a limb. Now granted, I currently have released myself from my sling to write this article, but for the better part of the weekend I have been living life with only one arm to function.

What's been more interesting though is that I've become more aware of my nonverbal communication skills. You see, apparently I shrug my shoulders a lot. This I never knew until I derived great pain from performing the act. Apparently I don't know a lot. But last night, during the midst of dreaming I even shrugged my shoulders, so I must be nonverbally communicating to my subconcious friends. Strange, I know.

Tis all. I'd write more but I am slowly becoming a democrat as I watch the West Wing. However, I was urged to write a post today and I'm making good on that request. Perhaps more inspiring thoughts to come, but for today a trivial expose on my shoulder. And please, if you see me in the next few days...side hugs only please!


Liz said...

Oh Blakewell, I was just thinking of taking you to the hospital a few days ago-- as I was being taken myself. (it was only for my toe, but I'll tell you about that later) Hope you're functional again soon!
I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the west wing... though I'm certain that no real-life president -of either party- has achieved that level of witty banter.
Take care pal, hope to talk to you soon

ann said...

I'm reminded of the words of St. Paul... I planted the seed, The West Wing watered, and God made it grow. ;)

Take care of that shoulder!

And thanks for blogging. :)

brianrusher said...

Hey, if you're not voting democrat, you're not really voting. Unless of coures the canidate is John Kerry, in the event of which you are still not really voting...or doing anything to dignify the democratic process, which tends to be much more democratic the higher your tax bracket. Furthermore, why would you watch any show that airs the same time as the Simpons?

Gabe said...

Glad to see you are coming around to the real party of Jesus. :)

Mgam said...

Dude! Throw your arm back in socket and get things rolling...Way to get back to the blogging world...