An Ode to Fall

I love fall. It is quite easily the best season of all. I think Vivaldi should have spent a bit more time on his fall movement. Sure, "Spring" was probably his best work and it is indeed a fine season. However, I think the majority of people would pick summer as their favorite season. And a few crazy northern friends of mine would pick winter (It's my second favorite season, so don't worry!) .

But I love fall, and so when we had a few brief days of respite from summer last week I was thrilled. The crispness of the air. The start of cross-country season. The beginning of the school year. I can't hardly get enough.

I really think it comes down to the feeling of the air. A runner is deeply in touch with the weather outside. During the summer it's miserable to run. If I don't run much before 8:00 AM, I can forget it. The winter can be fun to run in if there is snow, but the choice between staying underneath warm covers or running in 20 degree temperatures is an oft lost battle. And while the spring provides a great relief to cold winter runs, nothing beats the perfect temperatures of a good fall.

So whether you enjoy running or not, and whether you enjoy fall or not, get outside in the coming weeks. Enjoy the one week of fall in Oklahoma where the leaves actually change colors (so much better in Missouri!) And get ready for the lazy days of winter.

P.S. I might just add it's only about 45 days till you can break out your Christmas music!


Alisha said...

I think you'd like Vienna. I haven't heard any Christmas music yet, but I've already started seeing the Christmas treats in the grocery stores! It was pretty cold here last week and I was I was afraid that we were going to skip right over fall and go into winter. But I think it was just a cold spell, so I can still look forward to fall.

Kari said...

a few things:

1) don't call jennifer crazy. . .that's not nice ;)

2) i totally hear ya on the running in fall thing. LOVE it!

3) thanks for getting me all excited about christmas music! i've been so looking forward to my halloween, then thanksgiving toenails, I almost forgot!

Mark and Kelly said...

45 days...can it be?!? I was way too sweaty today for it to feel like Christmas carol season is near. How many days 'til LOST-Wednesday-nights-at-Blake's-house starts?

Anonymous said...

you're not going to believe this but the leaves haven't even started to turn in missouri yet. LONG LIVE SUMMER and GLOBAL WARMING!

p.s. I knew Al Gore was right about SOMETHING....