Pick 5

Either I am not concentrating very well, or I have come up with an effective study technique. I'm not sure which. However, tonight I am going to pick five GRE vocabulary words at random and use them to tell a story. See if you can discern which words are the five words I picked:

With antipathy the hero landed his eyes on the harsh desert lands of Arizona. Cacti populated the otherwise sparse landscape, a landscape which had been dessicated at the dawn of time. Was he so audacious as to traverse this harsh terrain? No attempts on his part could ameliorate the situation at hand. While his nemesis made desparate, dilatory attempts, he decided the time had come as he stepped out into the great unknown.

Well at least the story wasn't bombastic per usual, although perhaps a bit banal in nature. Can anyone guess which words I chose? Also, three other words were used and bonus points will be given if you can get those right too.

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