The Fear of the Lord

This is a work in progress, simply some thoughts running through my head as I fall asleep each night that I have put together.

I am afraid

...of knowing God

I am afraid
to truly follow Him
to truly give
to truly love others like myself
to truly take up my cross

So I will hide

I will read about Him
I will study the Bible
alone, in study groups, in church
I will sing praises
I will give of my time,
my posessions
I will talk to my friends about Him
I will even pray

Still I will hide.

I will hide
behind the television,
behind my books,
my magazines
behind time with friends,
behind movies,
and mindless activity

because I am scared,
of truly knowing Him
of not being in control
of turning my back on sin


I am more afraid...
of not knowing God.

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Erin Winter said...


Thanks. I find that so true of myself.