Move Over IE, the Fox has Arrived

Since I'm always posing as a theologian, psychologist, or philosopher I figure today it's time to hold true to my roots and talk about something I truly understand: computers. So today I am going to inform my reading base of the new browsing tool known as Firefox. This handy-dandy browser is a great replacement for IE (Internet Explorer). In fact, some people love it so much that they're writing break up letters to Microsoft. These are the kind of people I hang out with at work. :)

So what are the benefits of this new browser? Here is a quick run-down:
  • Tabbed browsing (you can now have two or more web pages open in one browser Window. Wonderful!)
  • RSS reader (this is way cool, this keeps you updated with sites when they change. For example, once you've downloaded Firefox and returned to this site you will see an orange button on the bottom right of your browser. Select this and then in your bookmarks you will automatically know when I've had a new post. Very cool!)
  • Pop-up blocker (oh sure, I'm sure you have one from Google by now, but now its integrated and you don't need a third-party add-in)
  • Tight integration with Google (search from the toolbar)
  • Download manager
  • It's not Microsoft! Oh don't get me wrong, I love Bill Gates, but every other day Microsoft has a new patch for its product or their is a new bug that hackers can tap into your computer with through Internet Explorer. Firefox, partially because it holds so small of a share of the market, does not have this problem.
So try it out and then, if you feel emotional enough about it, go ahead and write that break-up letter to Microsoft. You won't be the first...

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Karan said...

If you like tabbed browsing you should check out Optimal Desktop. It gives you a matrix tabbed interface where you can have hundreds of pages open in differnet tabs and get to any of them with 3 clicks or less! Here are the features.

. Matrix tabbed inetrface, integrated RSS Reader\Browser\File Manager
. Link publishing tool - Aggregate headlines from different feeds into a new folder and post as a new XML file
. Publish links in a tabbed browser file
. Store passowrds inside of tabs and play back with one click
. Load Optimal Desktop on a USB drive and launch it on any windows based PC.

See a Flash demo of how it all works.


There is a lot more, but I hope this peaks your interest.


blakewell said...

Very cool! I'm not sure I'm that hard-core of a RSS feed guy, or at least yet, but your demo seemed to demonstrate a very powerful product. Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

firefox is awesome!

(this has been posted with firefox)

Jeremy Turner

ann said...

Just so you know, I downloaded Firefox last night. Although I doubt I care as much as you, it is nice. I especially like the tabbed browsing and "RSS reader" as you call it. :) So thanks for the tip. Maybe I should listen to you more often... ha ha ha. ;)