Reincarnation: The Third Life

This is my second attempt at the reincarnation of my blog. Theoretically the success of my last reincarnation should determine the success of this incarnation. I hope Buddhist philosophy does not hold true since I only held to that idea for less then a week.

I am a bit at a loss for what to do with my blog. I've always been annoyed at blogs which chronicle peoples lives and perhaps I've been wrong on this point. Perhaps that is one plausible way for people to communicate with those they cannot email or call on a regular basis. That possibility seems more plausible thousands of miles from home in a far away land. And while that may or may not be the outcome of this new endeavor, I do feel a need to share the transforming process of God and of a foreign experience. Also Japan gives me immense material to work with since it is totally different from any Western experience I've ever had.

And thus I've stolen the clever title from Bilbo's book, "There and Back Again." Japan can seem quite like Rivendale and also quite like Mordor from a spiritual, emotional and psychological standpoint. Therefore, hoping against all American hope that the title is not trademarked, I've decided to use this title to begin the chronicling of my life here in Japan.


p.s. The secondary purpose of my blog will be to keep Peter's dad up to date on what his son is doing in Japan. :)


Anonymous said...

So do you have Webtrends to see who and how many times we are checking your site? It might be interesting.
Whatever you do, the people who care about you will find it engrossing and will be eagerly awaiting your next post.

SCWhite said...

Blake, Your comments (regardless of merit) will give comfort to your parents and family that you are safe. Prolonged time without communication ( In my case more than 48 hours) tends to make me anxious. Just the site of a new entry on the blog has a calming affect for me. It also can unite an extended family. Blog, yes, also a personal note from time to time to those close to you will be appreciated.