Cultural Exchange

Saturday night my friend Jessica and I decided to continue to extend the arm of positive foreign relations between Japan and the good ole U.S. of A. In an effort to catch the Japanese up to speed on all things that are cool about America we were given the task by our fellow partners in crime Raelynn and Travis to get a picture of some gangsters giving out a gang sign. I unfortunately missed this entire part of American culture, as I believe did Jessica, and we were at a loss for what a good gang sign was. Then it hit me! The "Live Long and Prosper" sign, a favorite amongst my people (Trekies) dawned on me and the exchange began. See below:

Jessica and the Homeboys

Blake a.k.a Mr. Culturally Sensitive

In exchange I got a free break dancing lesson!

True Style

I think this will go a long way for helping the two countries to understand each other better. Don't you?

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Court said...

In his emotionless Vulcan fashion, I'm sure Mr. Spock would be pleased. ;o)