No Regrets

When the end seems near in our lives, or in the life of someone we love, we often draw near to that person and look back on the past. In looking back we often have two types of thoughts: regret or joy.

While my mom's life still seems to hang by a thread, one thought has rung through my head over the last week and that is the fact that my mom does not have to sit at the hospital steeped in regret. As I watch the loving care that my dad has provided her I see a marriage that has been full of joy, challenge and triumph. My parents have spent an abundance of time with one another, not in argument or struggle, but in joy and love. They have struggled as has any married couple but they've always worked it out and always worked together on everything they've done since they've been married.

When it comes to my relationship with my mom I also have no feelings of regret. While it took my mother many years to teach me how to really hug her, she finally taught me how by the end of my senior year of college. That has perhaps been our biggest challenge! Both of my parents were there for me in some of my most difficult trials all throughout my life and because of both my dad and mom I have developed into a growing Christian. Also we have been a family who has spent time together whether it be on family vacations or by playing a round of chickenfoot at the dinner table. Many a nights when I was younger did we share a good laugh at dinner time.

No regrets. Not a single person has come to my mother's bedside asking for apologies for past hurts or pains. Not a single person has come because not enough time was spent together or true feelings were not spoken. Not that I've witnessed anyways, and I've witnessed a lot of people in the past week.

I shall strive to be the same all of my days.


Anonymous said...


You and your family continue to amaze me,you are an incredible example of a loving Christian family. We should all strive to live our life as to have "no regrets". We are missing you here in Japan!!

amy thrailkill

A^2 said...

You and your family are in my prayers.

Mgam said...

That's an awesome post, man. It's funny that when we strip away all that seems important it's what's inside that counts. Ok so it's not funny at all but how easy it is to forget that in our busy lives. God bless your mom for being the person she is. Thanks for your candor during this time. It opens eyes....

Stacey said...

Trust me, it is an attitude like the one you have right now that will help get you through this. Your entire family have remained in my thoughts and prayers.

d.j. iverson said...

i know how you feel bro. 'blessed are those who mourn' takes on a whole new meaning in times like these. i think it's one of God's ways of rewarding us for being faithful servants, there is a peace that we have that only comes from being a servant of our Lord. thank you for sharing with those of us that read your blog, i think it shows a confidence in God that is not unlike what you admire about your mom.

one love,

Maddux said...


It is amazing what the Lord teaches us during times of trial in life. I'll be praying for the best concerning your family and hope to see you soon.

Lj said...

Well written and better lived! Kari and I continue to remember your mother and your family and just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the email updates and spend every waking moment with mom!