Oh Billy!

Well I'm back in the US. Sunday morning I was awakened to the news that I should immediately fly back to be with my mom and family due to her fight with cancer. After a lot of help from dedicated friends I found myself at Tokyo airport Monday evening and back in OKC on...Monday evening. I love how that works.

Thankfully I had several gentle waves of reentry shock that helped me reorient to the US before I was even back on American soil. The chief wave came from a bunch of noisy college students who apparently had been on a mission trip somewhere. I was too terrified to ask; I hadn't seen that many Americans in ages and I was afraid to talk to them. I also sat by a person who was probably the first person I had meet in four months who wasn't even vaguely interested in my life so I was able to get used to the idea that I'm only cool and popular (in at least what we call the orthodox views of coolness) in Japan. So needless to say when I stepped off to be met by airport personnel wearing a cowboy hat, belt buckle, and boots I wasn't shocked in the least.

Language continues to amaze me. Only a week prior my English was fairly clean, precise, and even for the most part grammatically accurate. Three days off of the plane and I have slipped back to saying such things as "Oh Billy..." and "Well, I'll be..." Amazing how we can't forget our roots.

As for my mom, it makes me uncomfortable to post much on the web so I won't. I will say that we have our up days and our down days. Cancer leaves you with an air of uncertainties that is hard to ever quell. But then life is full of uncertainties and still we push on.

I'm not sure if this post really flows, and I'm only going to proofread for grammatical and spelling errors but I felt the need to post. Take care.


MattL said...

Glad you made it back safely. You and your family are in my prayers. -Matt

jhensal said...

It would be great to see you while you are in the States. We are certainly praying for you and your family.

Mgam said...

Good to hear from you, Big Dog... I'm praying for your family.

Court said...

I don't really know you, except through mutual friends...But I wanted to let you know I'm sorry about what your mom is going through. And those of us who live overseas can definitely understand the frustration and helpless feelings that come up when a loved one is sick back home. I'll keep you and your mom in my prayers. And the work you're doing in Japan, too.
In Christ,