Thank You Abe Lincoln!

When was the last time you sat down and earnestly was thankful for Abe Lincoln? What? Never! Well I think its high time to reconsider and perhaps look for the aurora borealis so you can time warp to tell the man what a good job he did.

You see, last Saturday night I went and watched a great movie called the Confederate States of America. This movie asked the hypothetical question of what would have happened had the confederates won the civil war. Now I'll admit, I usually don't ponder such questions unless I'm sitting in U.S. History class. I know some of you probably think that all I do is sit around all day and ask such questions as "What would have happened had Frosted Flakes not been invented?" and "What if Russia was a wee bit smaller and a lot less cold, how would have World War I have turned out?" But I don't!

However, last night a few of my friends, a bunch of OKC elites who laugh as if they were an a tennis match, and I entertained this question at the OKC Art Museum Theater. Let's just say we better be thanking our dear friend Abe and his Union buddies a lot. Basically it boiled down to the fact that if slavery had persisted we would have been a slave nation forever. Now those of us who were born after 1865 (I hope Google was right on that one!) can't even fathom this type of mindset. If the confederacy had won though we would probably have at least one or two slaves ourselves. This might result in a much cleaner bedroom, but probably a much more dismal world.

It is amazing what freedom does for a place. America is so attractive to people, even today, because of its freedoms and equal rights. It doesn't matter if your black nor while, male nor female, Jew nor Gentile - oh wait - this is starting to sound like Paul! But seriously, we pretty much love everyone here which has brought us all sorts of talent, opportunities, and has made us a great nation.

The movie showed how many important people, cultural nuances, and more that we would have lost had slavery continued. Harriet Tubman was sadly executed for War Crimes. Susan B. Anthony moved to Canada giving Canadian women the first crack at voting rights. Jazz was deemed too wild and banished from our land. On and on the movie showed how one pivitol war affected our mindset up until even today.

So next time you are in Washington D.C. go up to Lincoln and tell him thanks. You might even give him a hug. He always looks a bit somber and unappreciated.


Josh Y. said...

Another great post...thanks Blake!

Todd said...

Define: "last night a few of my friends, a bunch of OKC elites who laugh as if they were an a tennis match".

We're you making fun of tennis? I certainly hope not.