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I promise, I am working on a real post! I've already got a couple ideas in mind including a thought Oscar Wilde led me too and my thoughts on the book popular amongst girls in my church called "What a Girl Wants." However, today as I prepare these thoughts I wanted to give you some quick third-person blurbs of randomness.


After a bitter separation that has lasted over three years, Travis and Blake have recently reconciled their differences to come together once again for a collection of Christmas favorites. Many of you were taken by storm when Volume I came out, and Volume II promises to do what many sequels can't - top their initial release. If you are interested in this rare blend of Christmas flair, send your mailing address to blakewell@gmail.com or post here on this entry and we will get a copy out to you hopefully by November 1st. (For the record, we never broke up - we just took a fourteen year vacation.)


Facing insurmountable odds, and overcoming a lengthy surgery recovery, Blakewell has announced that he will break 1:30 in the Dallas marathon. "I am tired of laboriously trotting along doing 8-minute miles day in and out. It's time to shake it up." stated Blakewell in a recent conversation in his head at Heifer Park. While this may not seem spectacular to those of you who remember his former self, this marks his pledge to rejoin the running world and leave the jogging penguin's in the dust.*


After a recent, moving experience up in the South Dakota area, Blakewell has decided to trade in his khakis for a pair of leathers and form Heaven's Angels. Ok, so maybe there is already a group called Bikers for Jesus out there, but all the same this man is ready to evangelize on a hog. "Sojourners can wait (referring to his life-long dream of being 65, having an RV, and traveling the country helping others). Nothing against Mr. Honda, but its time I break out my leather-bound NIV and reach out to the modern-day proverbial chariot." - noted Blakewell upon return from his life-altering road trip.

*See Runner's World for penguin reference.


Joy said...


Rusty said...

As a jogging penguin, I salute your dedication to swiftness! The Woods are connoisseurs of fine Christmas music and will sending you our mailing address shortly. Rachel begins refering to Christmas as 'just around the corner' in late August/early September. Gambatte with the speediness.

lindsy said...

I'm a jogging penguin! Good luck with your goal.
I'll bring the third book to you at church.

Andy Huff said...

So you're coming into Dallas for the Half in November? How long will you be in? We should try to hook up for lunch or something...

Melissa said...

Umm us joggers take offense to "jogging penguin's in the dust"

Blake said...

Rusty - we will try not to disappoint!

Lindsy - Thanks for the book!

Andy - for a couple of days. Whats your email address? We should definitely hook up!

Melissa - I'm just saying that some of us are meant to be flamingos and others penguins. I think thats what I'm trying to say at least! :)