Sock it to the Devil!

I got an email a little over two weeks ago from one of my best friends. He wrote, "It's time we beat this. I'm sick of fighting this all the time. This month we're going to knock it out!" And thus began our month long attack against a certain sin that has plagued us both. We have both confessed to each other that we struggled with this problem, but beyond a few brow-beating sessions we had done little to change it.

Then we started our attack against the devil. Or as I like to say, "Ew-aw! Sock it to the devil!" For the past two weeks we've been praying everyday for each other and ourselves that we can beat this. We IM or call occassionally and talk about our struggle. Sure, its hard to say that I'm having a hard time with this and its an embarrassing subject matter to talk about. But its working!

And I feel myself becoming pure again. And feeling better and better about my relationship with God and others. Its amazing how this stuff works! Which makes me wonder - how much are Christians really addressing sin? I know that I've tried, but with little to no effect. In fact, it seems like it is easier for me to focus on making myself a "nicer person" then it is to address sin in my life. I've even used the excuse, "Well I'm a fallen man, this is just my vice, and what can I do?" Doesn't Paul himself say he does the things he does not want to do and that the flesh is weak? However, I'm starting to think that sin can be beaten with the power of God, the Holy Spirit, prayer, and a good friend on your side.

So I urge you, if there is sin in your life, to talk to a dear friend about it. Then work together and fight it. It is a wonderful feeling to give the ole devil a one-two punch and really mean it!

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ann said...

Good thoughts. I, too, focus so much on trying to be a good person that I am certain I don ´t address the sin in my own life often enough or seriously enough.

The other day I was in a Bible study and we did prayer requests, and a 75 year old man´s only request was that God would forgive him of his sins. I was struck by how rarely I have heard anyone be so honest about their need and own lacking in prayer.

And accountability is such a great thing. Hard, but great. Thanks for sharing this to encourage all of us to tackle what´s in front of us.