Popularity Invasion

I'm very distraught about something. It seems true nerds are being overrun by imposters. In fact, if we were the least bit hip we'd probably say there are a lot of "posers" out there invading our world. Somehow, with the invention of the Internet and popularity of tools like Facebook and IM, it has suddenly become cool to be nerdy. And brag about it!

The thing is, these people aren't really that nerdy. Is it truly nerdy to like a show like "Lost" and be obsessed about it? Or to say you are a "Trading Spaces" nerd? C'mon people, these aren't nerdy issues. These are popular culture issues. Stop invading our Trekkie world where we dream of multiverses and where we truly wished we lived in the Shire. Do you truly know how much RAM is in your laptop? Or even how RAM works? Seriously people!

I'd love to write more on this subject, but I've got to boogie to Justin Timberlake.

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