Time Person of the Year

Time, that magazine Republicans love to hate, has bestowed you the honor of being the person of the year! I couldn't believe it myself! I thought you were fairly incredible, but now that Time says you are I'm sure of it. Don't believe me? Click here for the proof.

My friend Liz thinks this is a cop-out, but still I'm pretty proud of our accomplishment. And when Time puts it in their oh-so-eloquent manner I think they are right. The fact that I am vain enough to sit here and spew my thoughts, or the fact that you would post a video of your photo for the last six years is not much to talk about. But the fact that nearly everyone is either contributing or consuming Web 2.0, and that it has leveled the playing field in many arenas is incredible.

So I'm sure that I'll continue to contribute to this endeavor in the coming year. Look for more blogs where I ramble on incoherently simply due to my narcissism. Or perhaps I'll actually say something useful one of these times. A novel thought indeed - but meanwhile its probably best to amuse yourself on YouTube.


Elizabeth said...

I must admit, after reading the article I found it a little more reasonable than at first... and I really enjoyed their little snippets about different people who've been of some importance lately.
Sheesh, you read Time AND watch the West Wing? Your registration might be revoked soon.

Blakewell said...

Well Ms. Cail, I need to tell you something. I'm a registered independent! The official party of those who want to be called and asked who they are going to vote for a month prior to election. So I'll keep reading my Time magazine, thinking my democrat thoughts, and raking in my Republican money!