Criminal Intent

While most people were out buying water bottles, batteries, and flashlights for the impending ice storm, I decided to buy something more practical: Law and Order. L&O: Criminal Intent to be more exact. And while I was still able to brave the elements and run ten miles outside yesterday, I've had more than ample opportunity to watch enough episodes to be considered a healthy individual.

Detective Goren is an amazing detective who has penetrating insight into the human psyche. He would give Dickens a run for his money if the two were to battle wits against each other. In episode after episode he exposes the insecurities of people and not only finds out what crime they committed, but the reason why they committed the act.

I am amazed that a lot of times the primary motivation is that of some insecurity the purp has. Whether it be appearance, intelligence, money, or a desire to be liked/needed the criminal motivation is to quell their irrepressible desires. Sometimes there seems to be frighteningly little between their insecurities and our own, except for the fact that they go to murderous extremes to stymie them.

I think the easy, Christian answer to this problem is that this is yet another reason we need God. And indeed it is. But I also think that often these people need others in their life to love them, care for them, and help them with wisdom they can't find in there current situation. It is so obvious that often all these people are longing for is love.

Or maybe people in New York are just crazy.


Kari said...

AH! CI, you're graduating!
I'll convert you to SVU one of these days!

Blakewell said...

Graduating? I should think not! Settling for what they had in the stores is more like it. The original Law and Order will always be the best.

Brian said...

The orginal Law and Order is my least favorite of the franchise, and none of the Law & Orders are better than CSI or CSI: New York. Of course, CSI: Miami is quite possibly the worst crime drama television show EVER. So maybe if you compare franchise against franchise you get a tie...or a stalemate.

kteachjoy said...

CI - good purchase. That is my personal favorite of the series. I love Vincent D'Onfrio. He is one of the most talented actors of our time. I hear he is quite a prima donna as well. What a shocker.