If You're Friends With Pete, then You're Friends with Me

Sitting solitary tonight in a hotel room in North Carolina, I felt very alone. Very adult. I chose North Carolina for my computer training because I wanted to see my dear friend Melissa, and I'm really looking forward to that. But I still couldn't help the fact that I felt too adult-like for my age.

So I called my friend Peter. Pete and I are the type who will one day sit in high-back chairs with suspenders and discuss the good old days in wistful, reminiscent tones. But tonight we talked about increasing responsibility. About becoming mature adults. Being leaders who have to act seriously. Enjoying life and being young. Realizing that youth culture is valued highly in our society, but wisdom is what we should cherish. What it feels like to be rejected by a girl, and how that increases our doubt and insecurity. On what love is and what love we have to give to a woman.

Our conversation ended and I felt better. I realized I wasn't as alone in the world as I thought. Someone else my age was struggling with these same issues and not merely dwelling on trivial acts of youthful frivolity.

Of course, after this post, I sound older than ever. But that's ok. I still am fun, nerdy, and goofy. Just a bit more restrained and mature about it. Read the Proverbs and Psalms. It's ok to value wisdom and restraint.


Kari said...

like the Rentals song!
do you know that song!?

Blakewell said...

Exactly like the Rentals song! Although I didn't know it was the Rentals, but yep, what a great song. :)

Peter Rice said...

One question, Blakewell: Do we have to wait till we're old to "sit in high-back chairs with suspenders and discuss the good old days in wistful, reminiscent tones"? Cause that sounds pretty stinkin' tempting right now... Give it up for Tealridge, Class of 2050!

Kari said...

wrong 'your,' by the way

Blakewell said...


If you're going to correct my grammar, please do it with proper punctuation and capitalization! :)


Of course! I've wanted to be an old man since I was 10. Why should we wait until we're 65? We aren't going to get Social Security anyway!

ann said...

Now see, I held back on saying anything about the "your/you're" atrocity. :) Blake, this is why your should trust my mad grammar skillz. ;) ha!