Hiding Behind the Bible

Each Monday morning at 7, three or four of us meet at my friend Matt's office. For about thirty minutes we get together, read something from the Bible that's been on our hearts, and then pray. Then it's time for another busy week. I like this time. It helps us focus on the week ahead, and hopefully brings a realization that our jobs are more than just serving the company.

This week it was my turn to bring a few verses to share. I thought about discussing Heaven since it's been on my mind a lot lately (probably because for several weeks now I'd rather be there than here!). I thought about borrowing some verses from Isaih since it is really cool, and I've been enjoying it a lot lately. Then I decided that no - the Bible wasn't where it was at.

You see, I think we can hide behind the Bible. I think we can have really high-minded, theological discussions that really get us nowhere. If I'm not around my M.Div friends I can sound like I know a lot about the Bible, and like I really know what God is all about. It's easy to discuss a few verses and walk away feeling slightly assuaged with whatever plagues me because I found a Bible sound-bite that makes me feel good for an hour.

Today though, I didn't want to hide. I didn't want to discuss Heaven. Not because I don't want to go there, but because I knew that would just be a shield. I could make my buddies think that I was a deep, spiritual person but I wanted them to know that I had doubts. That I was struggling. And so I opened up. And they opened up. And for a few minutes, there was true discussion that was very spiritual. All without the Bible.

I don't think the Bible is a bad thing. I love God's word! I try to read it everyday. But sometimes I think I use it to hide behind a wall. Today it was refreshing to take off the theology hat for just awhile and talk. Maybe next Monday we'll do it again.

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Becca said...

I don't really know you so well but we met when you were in Japan. Anyway I came across your blog today and I just wanted to say that it was really refreshing to read this entry. A few months ago I started to think about God's word and what it really is. It's not just words written down in a book for us to read is it??? His word is living. Its such a hard thing to comprehend but one way I think about it is God is the word, and he is the spirit and his spirit lives in us so therefore the word lives in us also. You're right, its so easy to hide behind the bible and never really get to the depths of God's true word. Anyways thanks for the post. Rebecca