A heavy rainstorm. A beautiful spring day. A relaxing weekend with good friends. What more could a guy ask for? Life is good!

This weekend, two of my closest friends from college came into town. Stephen and Julie, two of the best people to come out of the '80s. On Saturday, we all got together with my roommate, also named Stephen, and Liz to do some intense rock-climbing, followed by intense pancake eating. It was great.

When I first got to OC, I didn't really want to be there. In fact, I pretty much begged my parents to take me home. I had no desire to go to a Christian school, and especially not OC. But one night during the first initiation week, I prayed that God would bless me with good friends. This was one prayer that God answered in abundance while I was in college. I was blessed with having friendships with some of the finest people OC has ever had attend. They were amazingly brilliant, incredibly passionate, and full of a love for God.

At the end of this month it will be four years since I've graduated, and most of my closest friends have moved off to start careers or further their education. Many days this makes me really sad. I've made new friends, and I am very thankful for those new relationships. But a weekend like this one reminds me of how blessed I was for those great college friendships.

In some ways I think this post is more for my friends and me, than my other readers. I realize as I've tried to write this that it's just impossible to explain. Perhaps meaningful friendship and love is impossible to sum up in a few words. Many insightful poets and authors have attempted to do so, but I just can't convey the good feeling I had this weekend. So thanks Julie, Stephen, Liz, Travis, and Joy.

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Kari said...

intense pancake eating! The only thing I can think of that is more awesome than intense pancake eating is eating pancakes in tents!