"...but what can't be argued these days is that bloggers have power and they're wielding it with a simple turn of phrase and a computer keyboard (Oklahoma Gazette, Oct 6)." Blogs are everywhere these days and have even been labeled the new "watchdogs of the mainstream media." Blogs bring new meaning to the term Information Highway in many respects. Certainly a great deal of blogs cover no more then the detail of someone's daily life in that they like cats, boys, and eat panacakes for breakfast. Did I mention they are so in love with Brad Pitt? But at the same time blogs have the capacity to give voice to anyone who happens to fall outside of mainstream media attention, which gives new power to the average Joe.

This blog will attempt to meet these two extremes somewhere in the middle. I won't shed light on the misgivings of Dan Rather's fact checking abilities nor will I bore you with the trivial details of my mundane life. Instead I will hone my writing and thought processes while perhaps shedding to you some light on my worldview and paradigms. Honors kids: eat your heart out.



Anonymous said...

lest i be the first to say welcome to the world of blogging.

i love you brother.


Gabe said...

Dude, rock on!

crittermer said...

Worldviews and paradigms! Score!