Meyers-Brigg Meets the Bible

Recently for work we went off to Tulsa where we did a workshop based off of the MBTI assessment. For those of you who don't know, this is the personality test that tries to pinpoint certain styles you have in how you handle your affairs. For example, the most known trait is that of introversion or extroversion. Introverts tend to draw more energy from within while extroverts draw more energy from being around other people and their external environment.

It occured to me during this test that this may also affect how we approach the Bible and evangelism. I believe this thought has partially been reinforced by the recent responses to my posts.

The second trait is whether or not you are a sensory or intuitive person (S or N). Sensory people like to be involved in the details while intuitive people see the broader picture. People of type N can go from A to Z with nothing in between while people of type S go from A to Z by literally going A, B, C up to Z.

Although this is not an attempt to rationalize the differences between Gabe, Ann and myself I do think it does shed light on how we see the world. Both Gabe and Ann seem to be pointing at the details of ministry such as personal involvement. However, I lean towards the benefit of having Christians involved in politics, the judicial system, the education system and every other public facet of life. Positive influence not only comes at the personal level, it also comes at the broader more public spectrum as well. This is a big part of why I believe that Christians should be involved in politics because the large pieces affect the whole as well as the small pieces.

So perhaps we're both right to a certain extent. Or perhaps this is my type F coming out meaning that I want to make everyone happy. Now that doesn't sound like me does it? :)


Gabe said...

Just cause I can't resist...

How much did Jesus get involved in the political machine of his day? Isn't he tempted with a political temptation at the begining of his ministry in Luke 4?

I don't think it's wrong for Christians to be involved with politics, in fact I think it good and right. Just don't confuse one party, or one presidental canidate with the values of Christ, the Bible or God. Moreover, lets remember that our mission is to reach out to the broken, hurt and people that don't know Christ (through whatever means, political or not), and not to protect the values of one political, worldly ideology.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for you to bring those points up, my boy. And I have to amen you. This is your Tennessee driving buddy, by the way... :)