"Death Be Not Whatever"

Today's title is ripped from an episode of Joan of Arcadia, certainly one of the best television shows I've ever watched. And by the way, I need to take this opportunity to thank my dad for getting discs one and two from the library for me. Thanks dad!

Anyways, this particular episode dealt a lot with the issue of death, an issue that is continually on my mind whether or not I speak about it much. However, it made me realize some pretty cool things that frankly had not crossed my mind until watching this episode. Or perhaps that were there, but the show fleshed out those thoughts into a much more understandable picture. What I realized is that once we die, the events, troubles and concerns of this world are no longer relevant. When we die and go to be with God, we "get it." What I mean by that is we finally understand the mysteries, the things we didn't think were fair, and the heartaches we endured. Being with God illuminates the truth that He was trying to show us all along.

In, Joan of Arcadia God continually appears to her and in this particular episode she was frustrated with Him for all the pain that is in the world. Yet, being in the presence of Him, she began to realize that she did not understand everything and that somehow He does know what He is doing. Perhaps at times we feel so far removed from Him, even in the midst of prayer and reading His word, that if we can just imagine Him talking to us the words spoken in the Bible it might seem more real then perhaps the disembodied persona we sometimes fictiously create. In Joan God is never an apathetic, heartless God, He is simply just someone who is above our comprehension and all we can do is have faith and realize that He knows best.

If none of that made sense, tis ok. But really, if you ever get the chance, watch the show! It may not sit perfectly with your theology but that's ok, it drives home many important lessons in a medium that can connect with you like none other.

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