History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

So I decided to combine what I thought were two distinct set of words in Google yesterday and see what the all-mighty search engine would spit out. I typed in "Sociology" and "Information Technology." Well lo and behold the coolest degree program in the world came out! There is actually a masters program called the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology! Concatenating those four words together just makes my cranium tingle!

For those nerdy enough to want to read more, here is a Wikipedia article that actually clued me in to what the degree is and where to acquire it:


I also am thinking about becoming a member of SHOT (Society for the History of Technology) which entitles me to the scholarly journal, Technology and Culture. That certainly promises to be a great read!

This is totally the program that I've been dreaming of! Now I can study the positive and negative ramifications of the Industrial Revolution, explore the Internet Boom, and find answers to whether or not technology is benefiting the world socially, economically, physically and even spiritually!

Anyways, how great is that? If your a nerd and you know it, clap your hands!


ann said...

This looks like your calling, Blakewell. I remember once in college when you played an experiment with IM and how it effected relationships or something. Now you have things like facebook and blogs to experiment with.

By the way, I "fixed" your link. :)

Court said...

I'm clapping, I'm clapping! ;o)

josh said...

my hats off to you Blake...hope you enjoy the read I know I could never sit down and enjoy that...of course I enjoy sitting down with a good scholarly commentary on the book of John, so maybe we are not too different.

Vicki said...

Clap, clap. Guilty of nerdom, especially since my most recent post.

Marc Blackwell said...

hello there.