Don't Be Evil

Google is revolutionizing the world one step at a time. I love Google! Tonight, finally, I found a person who would test Google Talk with me, and boy is it ever amazing. The clarity of the conversation was better then my cell phone by far, and best of all its free. All it takes is a computer, an internet connection, and a Google account.

The problem is that it hasn't caught on quite yet. The majority of people are still using AIM, MSN, or ICQ. But people, its time to jump and make the switch. Its like being in a bad relationship and not knowing when to get out. If this was not an internet forum, I would gently take you aside and gently console you and then urge you its time to move on.

The huge advantage is that it could revolutionize long distance and international calling. No longer will you need to have either a cell phone or a special international calling plan, just both people have to be on at the same time. This of course in the long run could take out landlines and the telecommunications market as we know it. As my kids in Japan used to say, "Unbelievable!"

On another random note, does FaceBook scare anyone besides me? Maybe I just don't understand it. Just a random thought.

...and the Google revolution continues!


Stephen Bell said...

Have you tried Skype? Same idea, but it routes calls through a P2P network so it's supposed to be a lot faster and more reliable than centralized telephone apps. The sound quality on that was really amazing too, and the lag was minimal even when I was talking to random people overseas. Oh, and you can call regular telephones with it (for a small fee, of course).

I wish Google Talk would use the AIM network instead of Jabber. I'm a big fan of Google, but I don't want to have to convince all my friends to switch networks.

Karen Reynolds said...

Do you use a mac or a PC? If not a mac then ignore this comment, but I'm thinking it is only compatible with 10.4 and I haven't upgraded yet. If you know it is compatible with 10.3 give me a holler.