5-Star Treatment!

Good Day Everyone! The anticipation is certainly building as we prepare to be honorary duck masters. I bought a sports jacket yesterday just for the occassion, and Joy has quite the elegant dress picked out. There is of course no telling what Travis will wear. And Stephen? Who knows!

Here is the latest on the Duckmaster story in email form of course:

Dear Linda,

We are going to be camping before we get to Memphis. Do you know if there is any way we can get an early check-in time so we can clean up and look presentable for the special occassion? 3:15 would be a great check-in time. Our reservations said we couldn't check in before 4:00 o'clock. Who would we talk to about that? Also, add one more name to the list. Stephen Maddux will be joining us - the chance to be an honorary duckmaster was more than he could pass up so he will now be joining us on our road trip. We will be at the Bellstand to meet with the Duckmaster by 4:30. Thanks for all your help and prompt responses!

Joy Rainey


Joy, all I can do is request an early check-in, but I cannot guarantee it. The problem is the night before your arrival we have a very high occupancy. Since we have a large number of guests checking out on your day of arrival, our challenge is getting the rooms cleaned before 4:00. If a guest is late in checking out, that also delays our process. I am forwarding your request to Mireille, our Front Office Manager, and we will do our best to comply with your request, but, again I must reiterate, we cannot guarantee it. If your rooms are not ready, you may have the option of using our Athletic Club to freshen up.

Mi, the names of the guests requesting an early check-in by 3:15 on March 19 are:

Joy Rainey
Blake Blackwell
Travis Powell
Stephen Maddux

Mi, they are going camping before arriving at The Peabody, and they are all going to be Honorary Duckmasters at 5 pm on March 19. Naturally, they would like the opportunity of cleaning up so as to be presentable at 5 pm. The Peabody means a great deal to them. Two of the four are going on to Japan for an extended period of time, and they are splurging on staying at The Peabody.

Linda Greenwald
Executive Assistant
The Peabody Memphis149 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103901
529-4167 phone
901 529-3677 fax


Mgam said...

So did Linda acutally bold those words or were they added for emphaisis? I'm already in awe of this response but if I find out that she actually took the time to hit bold on it then I will just have to have 30 seconds of silence for the occasion.

blakewell said...

Actually the bolding was all my doing. Since it was such a long post I wanted to call attention to just how seriously Linda was taking this very important honor for us.

Might I just say that Linda will be getting a huge thank you once this is all over?