Honorary Duckmasters

We will accept this responsibility with all the gravity that such an honor deserves. Good going Joy!

Also, in response to Matt's question, I do indeed take submissions. Remember the motto of this blog is "Consumers Unite!" Please send all emails to blakewell@gmail.com.

Joy, you and your friends may be the honorary duckmasters on either Saturday, March 19, at 5 pm, or Sunday, March 20, at 11 am. Please let me know which time you prefer. What are the names of your friends? We are so glad that you will be staying with us and hope you have a great experience!

Linda Greenwald
Executive Assistant
The Peabody Memphis
149 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
901 529-4167 phone
901 529-3677 fax

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ann said...

Ha! :) That definitely made me laugh out loud. You guys have to take pictures (your students will love it!)! Honorary duckmaster... that will be a great addition to the resume, Blakewell. :)