Hopeful Peabody Marshals

To whom it may concern:

My friends and I are coming to Memphis for a road trip over Spring Break and staying at your hotel. For the past six years a group of us has come to work with several "church plants" in the Memphis projects through the Memphis Urban Ministries organization. Now that we all have full-time jobs, we are not able to come and spend the entire week with the church plants. However, we are coming back to Memphis over the course of a short road trip for one reason, and one reason alone - to stay at the Peabody Hotel. We've come to watch the ducks every Thursday each year the past six years during our mission trip. This year after scrimping and saving, we are going to be legitimate Peabody guests. The only reason we are splurging like this is because two of our road trip participants are moving to Japan a week after our trip. They want to go out in style! I was wondering if there is some way we could arrange to ride up in the elevator with the ducks Saturday afternoon when they go to the roof, or ride down with them Sunday morning when they come to the fountain. Who would I talk to about that? The date we are arriving is Saturday, March 19th. This would be a great life-long memory with which to send our friends off to Japan. Please contact me and let me know if we can be "duck marshalls" Saturday evening on the 19th. Thanks for providing some Okies (not from Muskogee) with years of solid tradition!

Joy Rainey (hopeful Peabody Duck Marshall)

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Mgam said...

I didn't know you were allowing submissions to your blog. I may have to may an attempt (a vain one I'm sure) to see if I'm up to par! It would sure make my life....