What's Next?

Well, while I feel I could continue to write more about my mother and the spiritual challenges/questions that surround this part of my life, I feel like it would be best to take a different path with this blog. Yet I can't decide what this path should be. So you, my wonderful readers, get a chance to decide!

I really think it would be quite funny to write my own eHarmony blog, much like Auvrey did. I doubt I can even compare with her blog in terms of content, simply because her blog was just way too hilarious and she is a far better writer. Yet I must admit its a great idea, and while it may be plagiarism, it would be fun.

The second idea I've come up with is perhaps writing a bit of commentary on the books I'm currently reading. Perhaps using them as a springboard for random thoughts and ideas. Currently I'm in the midst of reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and computer books on .NET technology. I'm sure I would lean towards the .NET books for much of my insight into this unpredictable world we live in. Thank you Microsoft.

And thirdly, there is always my random and tumultuous life that I could depict for you since I'm now moving to a town (St. Louis, MO) where I know absolutely no one. I could go in to my rides on the metro, my explorations of the town, and the incredibly interesting people I will meet.

The choice is yours! Weigh in and let me know!


Well since today has been an especially rough day in my decision to move to St. Louis, I completly skipped over discussing it on purpose. But since I was caught in the act, here is the scoop.

I will be working with Bryan Cave, a large law firm in downtown St. Louis doing programming/web development type work. The job is a contract to hire and has me employed till the end of December. From there we both decide whether or not its a good match and I will either be hired on full-time, extend the contract, or find something else.

The hesitancy comes because I heard from Chesapeake today. After spending a weekend with friends and being at my old church in OKC, I realized how much I missed the place and really had a strong urge to return to my former job. Yet I had already given my verbal agreement to join and thus being a man of my word I will honor that comittment.

Why St. Louis? I really don't know. I think I'm primarily mixed up about a lot of things and really went for the first good looking job opportunity came my way. So yes, I probably should document how it goes and will do so since I am far better at blogging currently then I am emailing.

I will be emailing out my cell phone number soon once I have a new St. Louis number.


Gabe said...

Blake I need your cell number so I can call you sometime. Who are you working for in St. Louis?

Mark and Kelly said...

I want to echo Gabe...at least your next post should be about why you're moving to St. Louis!

kteachjoy said...

I didn't know you were just there for sure until December. Just don't you go and get an apartment lease for longer than that. Tell Chesapeake that they'll need to woo you in late November or early December. Then you can come back and join the Rescorers!!!

ann said...

A little birdy told me it'd been too long since I commented, so here I go. I personally don't see why your blog has to have some sit-com theme. Yes, it'll be cute and funny if you decide to do e-harmony or what not, but I also like hearing the day to day things with you-- thoughts, observations, the stuff that makes blogs blogs. Especially since you're moving up there to St. Louis; I'd like to hear how that's going.
Ok that's all. :) Am I out of the commenting dog house now? Ha ha. ;)