iShuffle or Bust!

Dear Apple,

I love you! I think you are the greatest company ever! I think, and I may be just gushing here, but you may even be cooler than the Cleveland Browns. Go Browns!

You see, I’ve been a loyal Microsoft guy before I was even born. Which is really quite impossible since I’ve been around for some twenty-four-odd years now, but still, you know what I mean right? Microsoft had me right from the start, so to say. I was double-clicking in the womb. I was trying to delete Internet Explorer before Al Gore had even invented the Internet.

Ok, sorry, it is really hard for me to let go sometimes. You know how it is with long-term relationships; they kind of fade hard when you have so many share bonding moments of agony.

Last week everything changed. I tried to give Microsoft a sign that things were going south, but all I got was a letter from a customer rep named Cherlene who said she was going to “forward” my letter on to someone in the right department (still waiting on reply). I’ve seriously felt warmer in the Antarctic Ocean. Then I got my iShuffle! Let me tell you, it worked so well the first five minutes of my run I had to stop and catch my breath because I went too fast! And when I hit a hill and “Eye of the Tiger” started up I knew it was love and there was no turning back.

So thank you! You are wonderful and I hope you keep up the good work. I would love to hear from you sometime. Let’s do lunch!

Not Knowing What Song is Next and Lovin’ It,
Blake Blackwell

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