A Brief Respite

You all, my faithful 15-20 readers a day (What can I say? I monitor these things. I'm a nerd), deserve a brief respite from all of my serious posts that I've been hashing out as of late. While others may say differently, I don't know that I'm ever been the least bit humorous in my life without the aid of my goofy smile and ridiculus laugh. So I won't attempt my hand at wit or banter this afternoon. I did however stumble upon a great blog the other day that had me rolling!

I am quite jealous that I did not think of this idea myself. In fact ever since I've discovered this blog I have kicked myself for an opportunity lost. The beauty of this blog is it takes such a hilarious online phenomenon such as online dating and delivers a great parody of the whole event. And while I don't know Auvrey hardly at all, I do know that she is a great writer which adds to the joy of reading this blog. So go check out Auvrey's eHarmony Blog. Enjoy!


kteachjoy said...

I skimmed this and it is pretty comical. And guess what!!! BLAKEWELL, she's from OKC! Could it be an EHarmony for the two of you???

Karen said...

Auvrey is an awesome person too. I've known her for a long time. I've read some of this blog before. It's a great insight into her humor and personality. I really wish she would write a blog again - about anything.