Chicken Foot

My mom's condition has just been pronounced terminal. While it may be perfectly healthy for me to vent all my emotions at this point in time, I don't believe the Internet is the place to do it even if I do think Blogger is the most respectable blogging tool on the world wide web. However, since I find myself in a place distanced from my friends, and writing can be therapeautic, I'd like to write about a few good times I've had over the past few weeks.

It is odd the things we take so for granted. Not until you are spending time with someone you love dearly and you don't know how much time is left with that person do you really realize how precious our days on this earth are.

The first incredibly good time I had with my mother since I got back was about ten days ago. She had reserved enough strength to sit in a wheelchair and go down to the front entrance to be outside for about twenty minutes. Since not but five days earlier we thought she was going to pass away this was a huge accomplishment. So my entire family went outside with her and enjoyed the coolness of the evening with her. Everything seemed a bit more real that night. The sounds, the smells, the sights and the people. I think it was because I knew my mom had not gotten to experience the outdoors for several weeks and might not ever get to again.

The second time I was blessed with was when we got to share a meal with another family and my mom was able to join us in the visitors lounge. The family has a real sweet and precocious two year old boy who has physical and mental difficulties. My mom loves that boy so much and they just both made each other smile. It was the last really good meal I've gotten to share with my mom and it will be an event long remembered.

Then this past Saturday we were able to play three rounds of chicken foot until my mom got too tired. And wouldn't you know it she beat me! I hate getting beat! But this is one loss I will take gladly.

The coming weeks will be rough but I've been blessed to be home to experience some last times with her and to spend quality time with my family. I will treasure times like these, and realize that God has granted us these last few weeks with her for memories that we can hold on to for a long time.


kteachjoy said...

What a joy to share in such simple, yet profound times with your mom in these twilight days. For the rest of your life these will be treasured memories, especially since you are so aware that they will be just that and are putting forth an effort to relish in them.

Mgam said...

Great stories. Thanks for sharing....

Karen said...

Prayers for God's continued blessings on the time together and for peace and comfort.

d.j. iverson said...

my heart goes out to you bro. i know times like these are tough to deal with (severe understatement) but finding time to experience joy will pay off so much in the long run. what a blessing to have a chance to let someone know that they are loved.