New Posts Coming Up...

Dear Loyal Consumer Advocates and Fans of Blakewell,

Here is a listing of upcoming letters that I plan on writing in no particular order:
  1. Microsoft: Follow-up letter with Cherlene, the customer support rep who contacted me. I will proceed to ask her if I'm getting the run-around and see if she taking me as seriously as she should. :)
  2. Apple: This will be in the form of a sonnet or love letter gushing about my new iShuffle (I may also dennounce Microsoft, I haven't decided yet. If Cherlene keeps giving me the run-around who knows what might come out!).
  3. Blockbuster: I plan on engaging Blockbuster in a deep philosophical conversation about whether the slogan "No Late Fees" is a modern or postmodern statement.
  4. Steak 'n Shake: I will be contacting Steak 'n Shake to determine the point of origin on where their sayings come from with their new Sunday Shake advertising campaign.
Consumers Unite!

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