I am thinking that if I am going to keep this up I will need a pen name. Does anyone have any good ideas? Remember than you can always comment anonymously, no need for a Blogger account.


Mgam said...

As a Tolkein fan I'm partial to "Fatty Lumpkin" but it may not serve your purposes exactly so why not "Bill Throckmorton" or " Jerry Throckmorton." I just love the name "Throckmorton"!!!

Mgam said...

Blakewell, I sugges that people post comments on your blog. Can you make that happen? I also sugges that in their posts that they give you suggestions.

blakewell said...

Matt, I've tried to tackle thought control for a long time and what I've realized over the years is that I'm no Big Brother. So no, unfortunately I can't make this happen.

However, people, do not be intimidated! The Blakewell is a friendly guy who takes all suggestions seriously. The idea of brainstorming is that no idea is a lame idea. Let's just take a look at my entire name for example:

Blake Byron Blackwell

My parents were sitting around brainstorming one day, and look what they came up with? Alliteration! Brilliant!

I believe in you people, and you should believe in yourselves! C'mon now, don't let mgam and Slutty Bunny be the only two posters!

A^2 said...

Well I thought I should post a suggestion since no one else except Matt is up to the chalange ...

How about Earnest Kilroy ... the women would love a guy named EARNEST!

Anonymous said...

handsome rob
rodrigo pendarez.
light bright. (or lite brite)
seemore butts.
will fall.

love ya,
(senior love shack)

Anonymous said...

(and jess...on that last one. she brain stormed as well)...