No Need to Turn Your Heads This Year Folks!

Dear FOX,

I want to thank you for the excellent Super Bowl Half-Time show you put on last night. I'm from Oklahoma City, which I lovingly refer to as the belt-buckle of the Bible Belt, and let me tell you there was a collective sigh-of-relief that was felt over the metropolis last night right before the third-quarter. Before you dismiss me as a right-wing Christian evangelical fundamentalist, let me just reassure you that I am just that. But I am extremely thankful that you attempted to reach out to all people instead of a niche market of 18-33 year olds with extremely bad taste in music (how the American populous could ever consider Kid Rock or Janet Jackson talented is beyond me). It was such a refreshing, classy show which proves that it is possible to entertain all people of all ages at the same time. Typically my friends and I usually turn off the television and either play cards or sing “kum-bay-yah”, but not this year, and if next is anything similar than certainly not next year either.

In fact, the entire Super Bowl was great. The only complaint, and really I can’t hold this against you, is that my team the Cleveland Browns didn’t get a chance to play.

Might I just make a few suggestions for next year? Could I recommend Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the half-time entertainment? They have great pyrotechnics, and they are so extremely musically talented beyond just the Christmas Season. You just don’t even know. I also think that it would be ideal if you’d let the Cleveland Browns play next year. That would be fantastic.

Many thanks! Go Browns!

Your “New Niche Market”,

Blake Blackwell

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